SMEs Take Tally ERP to the Next Level with Integrated BI - Part V Self Service, Personalized BI

Tally ERP provides small to medium sized (SME) businesses with an accounting and inventory management solution. This solution is very popular among SMEs on the Indian subcontinent, in the Middle East, Far East, and Africa and other countries around the world. It is affordable, and easy to use for accounting and inventory management. Tally is a popular solution for small to medium sized companies in all types of industries. In Parts I thru IV of this article series, we discussed the need for expanding SMEs to consider an integrated Business Intelligence Solution that will provide more comprehensive, sophisticated, personalized and mobile views and analysis of integrated data from Tally ERP and other enterprise solutions. Parts I thru IV of this article series focused on reporting capabilities, integrated data compilation and analysis, mobile, secured access to data, and data mining and user personalization. Part V of this five part article series focuses on the importance and benefits of a self-serve business intelligence environment that will allow Tally ERP users to continue to leverage this solution as well as other technology investments.


If a business wishes to customize Tally reporting or other solutions or modules, that process is expensive and time consuming and the enterprise must revisit customization whenever a business or user requirement changes – which can be daily and hourly. By providing an integrated data view with easy-to-use customization and personalization features, every user can enjoy an experience that includes personalized notifications and alerts, the ability to share data with other users, flexible cross-tab OLAP and graphical OLAP capabilities, key performance indicators (KPIs), forecasting and predictive analysis, sensitivity and impact analysis and other features. These displays and features can be personalized to provide immediate, meaningful information so that users can stay abreast of changes, determine the impact of product pricing changes, make timely decisions and capitalize on opportunities by identifying trends and patterns.

A business intelligence solution must provide an intuitive graphical user interface with the ability to easily personalize dashboards and provide metrics, graphical mining and browser-based, mobile tools for smart phone, tablet and desktop use – without assistance from an IT professional or analyst. Think of this intuitive interface as the foundation for self-service reporting and a true business intelligence environment for business users – one that is accessible and can be customized without programming knowledge or extensive training. The average user can develop custom reports, data files, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, and balanced scorecards without reliance on consultants.

As we come to the end of this article series, it is important to note that the addition of an integrated business intelligence solution will benefit the small and medium sized enterprise in numerous ways. SMEs can integrate, view and manage data from Tally Solutions, CRM systems, spreadsheets, legacy systems and databases and leverage previous IT investments without expensive and time-consuming customization, migration or upgrades. Users can capitalize on simple, affordable, practical business intelligence modules and features that incorporate, compile, filter, sort and analyze data from all systems in a personalized dashboard view with sophisticated features that are suitable for all mobile devices, desktops and tablets. As a small business grows, its executives, managers, team leaders and employees have a greater need for flexible reporting, mobile access, integration with other systems, and a solution that will support corporate performance management and employee accountability and empowerment. Choosing an intuitive, browser-based BI solution will help an SME to achieve improved productivity and a competitive advantage, and ensure that all critical data is accessible and used effectively to achieve business goals and objectives.