Is it unfathomable that we play a guessing game when it comes to running a ideal CMS for business. The purpose could be anything, simple and measure outcome of a CMS is in the business it sustains, brands and builds for you.

Not that CMS will do the job, but choosing the right CMS and right design, development team will!


Before the price: Some Facts we Discovered!

After having built several CMS driven projects in different frameworks and technologies, our discovery of the Umbraco experience and customer health monitoring indicates that the decision to go with Umbraco has been a smart decision for nearly all the the customers.

  • Unlike WordPress, Umbraco does not suffer from same kind of attraction to hackers
  • Much like wordpress, Umbraco is pure and simple
  • You can build plugins, customize to your hearts content with Umbraco
  • No workflow directionality as it is with Joomla, but is a good thing when measured with simplistic needs
  • Effective on search engine
  • Can handle, really handle stress
  • No fan following for its awesomeness, but a tremendous following for its uniqueness and simplicity
  • Did we mention simplicity? oh! yhea… we did…

Why Umbraco?

Because it is simple! Umbraco CMS currently powers more than 250.000 websites world wide.

Just about any CMS today is simple as long as you have a certain skill. If you have the required skill, hacking in to pentagon can be simple for you.

But our main reason for supporting Umbraco and making the statement in to our price is right crietria is because of the fact that Umbraco is among the most simplest solutions out there, for real.

It can be made in to something as complex as you need it to be. (As long as that is simple for you to do that or for the coders you hire), but umbraco can be one of the simplest reasons to go with it.

Another good asset about Umbraco is that any design, development project on Umbraco, nearly always costs less than US $2000.

This is great offer range.

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