Dobre’ Den…Supra!!

Czech-to-English: Greetings, it’s Amazing!!

This is what the Kentico founder Petr Palas’ sought when he founded this company at Brno; a beautiful city in Czech Republic in 2004.

Kentico CMS was developed by Kentico Software as a comprehensive WCMS/Web Content Management System to catalyze e-commerce by enhancing creation of Websites, On-line stores, Intranets & Web 2.0 community sites. Interestingly, Kentico CMS supports development by aid of its portal engine as well as Visual Studio… indeed a treat for developers.


It’s a refined amalgamation of ASP.NET & MS SQL Server with latest compatibility for Windows Azure Platform i.e. Cloud deployment/integration.

Kentico as the only & a completely integrated ASP.NET CMS, E-commerce & Online-Marketing platform; facilitates creation of cutting-edge websites while optimizing digitized customer experience through various channels.

Kentico product portfolio boasts of three categories viz.

– Kentico CMS Base (57 Features),
– Kentico CMS Ultimate (95 Features) &
– Kentico EMS (110 Features) across Web Content Management, Online Marketing, E-commerce, Platform, Intranet & Collaboration.

It has a robust framework of Product Support & Training system for its clients while it maintains a Developer Certification Program against benchmarks of Kentico & ASP.NET to encourage its professional adoption as well as recognition.

Interestingly, Kentico official website maintains a section where one can suggest/post/recommend a new feature!!

Since Kentico is segmented for business purposes and covers some of the key needs of generic business website or application needs, this is among the reputed and respected platforms to come out of Europe and has found global recognition.

We are Kentico partner for a reason.

We work on Kentico code base and have developed skills that would speed the process of customizing and working alongside Kentico modules very quickly.

If you are contemplating using Kentico and need help in further understanding the pros and cons of the technology tool, please do get in touch with us and we will help you process the decision making further.

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Original Source – Genesys of Kentico