Liferay got created when gods got upset with the general lack of a quality enterprise class CMS. Liferay is a world class Enterprise Content Management framework that allows you to build apps, portlets among many useful, business purpose solutions.

To start with, Liferay is a Portal, a web platform, a CMS, a social collaboration, enterprise 2.0 supportive environment that many of the top companies in the world use.

This can be made in to a product, a solution, a intranet, a knowledge management portal among many, many useful applications for business.

The business potency of Liferay is enormous and hence is among the most desired enterprise class solutions in the world today.

As part of our Price is right study in CMS, we cannot exclude top tier solutions such as Liferay and still find the study to be complete.


Why Liferay?

It is open source, it works well for web scaling and being a framework, offers some of the most enriched capabilities of becoming anything you need Liferay to be.

Web Scaling in Liferay

Liferay is a solution that be used for just about a few hundreds to really large masses, they can be factored as a intranet environment solution that runs on a hybrid deployment architecture or a cloud hosted highly scalable solution that engages audiences on multiple dimensions, handling millions of transactions at one go.

Enterprise 2.0

Business evolution happens to be one of most unavoidable factors, enterprise 2.0 takes in to account that a organization cannot perform to its best ability if the agility is missing.

To gain agility, it is important to develop solutions that allow social interactivity, delivers freedom to discover and engage.

Look at a problem from the perspective of a distributed organization, what if one person needs some specific skills, information on a specific subject, but has no knowledge or experience working on it.

However another person who has worked on such subjects is already in the company, sits miles apart… Liferay allows the people to index their skills, share their knowledge and allows for knowledge sharing.

The business tandem, appreciation for faster access to skills and knowledge assets are all part of what makes Liferay significant for businesses.

Are there solutions like Liferay? Yes!

Are they as good? No!!

That is what makes Liferay a good CMS to begin with. True agility, framework advantage and absolute quality.

Is that all?

Business combines with Technology and delivers greater agility & connectivity to information, people among other things. What else do you want?

Oh, how much does it cost?

The best part is that the Liferay is open source, so basic cost of the product is nil, unless you are going for their advanced editions.

The second part is that customizing liferay is not so difficult for the qualified developers, i.e. developers who have spent about a good part of their life doing nothing but coding.

Hence the cost derivative is nothing more than the per hour cost of customization associated with the setup.

What are the primary cost drivers with Liferay?

Server Infrastructure, Planning, Installing, Customizing, Enhancing form the usual cost driver for Liferay. Another significant part that ensures greater RoI on the investment you will incur for Liferay adoption is the implementation of the solution across your organization.

Are these costs valid?

These costs are inescapable.

Original Source – The Price is Right: Liferay CMS