Case Study: BI Tools and Consulting Help Pharma Co. Consolidate and Analyze Organizational Data

Smart City Visitor Pass Management System Empowers Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

ElegantJ BI helped a leading publicly listed Pharmaceutical business in India consolidate data and support business intelligence integration and analysis across all of its locations, with accurate, timely reporting, across all functional areas. The client wished to build multidimensional information architecture for data extraction, data mining and ad hoc reporting and satisfy statutory regulations and define and monitor KPIs for performance management, and to reduce the existing IT department workload.


The Biggest Changes Coming to E-commerce in 2016

E-commerce in 2016 will continue to grow. The companies that thrive will be the ones that offer more features, like loyalty programs, while simultaneously removing friction from the buying process.


Who’s Testing Your Digital Solutions?


Digital solutions evolve in the way that address and adapt to your business activities. Therefore, it is imperative to continually test the quality and effectiveness of your systems and software to ensure accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness in what you do.


Business Intelligence: One and Done. Design Once and Use Anywhere


If you take the time to invest in a business intelligence solution, you want one that you can use for a long time. Your users will become familiar with the tools and will depend on them to make decisions, product reports and analyze data. But, on the day you choose your BI tools, you have no way to know every requirement or need that will pop up after you implement the solution. So, how do you ensure longevity and provide a solution that will grow with your business users?


Gartner BI & Analytics Summit 2016: My Take


On June 7 and 8, the ElegantJ BI team attended the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics and Information Management Summit in Powai, Mumbai, India. We were honored to be a Silver Sponsor for this Summit. The theme of the Summit was Information & Analytics Leadership: Empowering People with Trusted Data, and the Summit did not disappoint, and it was a really vibrant, exciting experience!


The Summit included panels and speakers from all over the world. This year, the event was bigger and better than ever, with more than 600 people in attendance. The food and hospitality were great. The only issue we faced was poor air conditioning, but we persevered!


Economic Times: JMC Projects (I) Ltd to perpetuate with ElegantJ BI on SAP HANA for its great ROI and high interoperability


For more than 5 years, ElegantJ BI has partnered with JMC Projects (I) Ltd to help them establish Business Intelligence system for integrated reporting and analytical needs. JMC Projects plans to deploy SAP HANA and would continue to use ElegantJ BI leveraging its interoperability with different systems and dedicated customer service of ElegantJ BI team.

Original Source – Economic Times: JMC Projects (I) Ltd to perpetuate with ElegantJ BI on SAP HANA for its great ROI and high interoperability


Don’t Be a Guinea Pig! Hire Software Product Development Experts!


Over the years, I have had my share of mistakes. One that comes to mind that cost my company a lot of time and money was the mistake I made when I selected a vendor to develop a software product for us. Our business wanted to develop a product for the market and we saw a very clear opportunity to make money on a product that would satisfy our customer requirements and allow us to keep the product evergreen and upgrade it with new features as our customer expectations and needs changed.


Economic Times has reported how Astral Pipes has unclogged their decision making with ElegantJ BI tool for business data analysis


Astral pipes opted for ElegantJ BI over big BI vendors like SAP, Salesforce and IBM for its ease of use and self-serve features. Biren Parikh – AGM IT said it not only generates visually pleasing reports from scattered data sources but also provides insights on how their distributors, sales and marketing staffs are operating and executing their sales.

Original Source – Economic Times has reported how Astral Pipes has unclogged their decision making with ElegantJ BI tool for business data analysis


Elegant MicroWeb Joins BigCommerce Partner Program to Add Value for Online Retailers


Elegant MicroWeb Joins BigCommerce Partner Program Providing Customization, Technical Support and Software Integration for Online Retailers

Elegant MicroWeb today announced it has joined the BigCommerce Partner Program to provide:

  • Theme design and integration
  • Store redesign, including responsive design
  • Store setup, application development
  • Technical support
  • Shopping cart customization
  • Product catalog
  • Import and related management
  • Integration with social media
  • BigCommerce integration with ERP
  • Tax calculation systems
  • Fulfillment systems
  • Credit verification systems and more.