Case Study: Performance Management, Benchmarking Product Development & Maintenance


Elegant MicroWeb created a solution for a performance management and benchmarking consulting business to provide a data-secured, web-based Performance Monitoring, Improvement and Analysis solution with performance optimization tools designed around the principles of knowledge and activity-based management.


There’s an App for That and App Dev Experts Can Help You Conceive and Create It!


“All people ever say is, ‘there’s an app for that’.” My friend, Toby shook his head sadly and looked at me with the kind of hopeless expression I associate with people who are afraid they will lose their jobs. But, Toby wasn’t in as much trouble as he thought. We talked about his upcoming project and he told me that his IT staff didn’t have the time or the skills to develop the business app his boss wanted. I told him not to worry.


Don’t Be a Guinea Pig! Hire Software Product Development Experts!


Over the years, I have had my share of mistakes. One that comes to mind that cost my company a lot of time and money was the mistake I made when I selected a vendor to develop a software product for us. Our business wanted to develop a product for the market and we saw a very clear opportunity to make money on a product that would satisfy our customer requirements and allow us to keep the product evergreen and upgrade it with new features as our customer expectations and needs changed.


Top 5 DevOps… Development Operations


DevOps practices include the creation of a common process for the developer and operations teams; formation of teams to manage the end-to-end provisioning and practices for promotion and release; a focus on high fidelity between environments.We are discussing the top 5 key DevOps in-demand today.1. Application Development Life Cycle Management (ADLM)
This service is about application development & its life cycle management. We achieve this through a suite of technologies and practices that generally includes metadata integration, workflow and process management facilities. The services tie together the management of at least two stages of development, underlying change versions and configurations, and include the ability to customize the process flow of application development, integration and maintenance projects.


Psychology of Software Product Development

You know what would be boring…?

A lesson on psychology! So as to make the article interesting, let us progress with a story arc format consisting of the good, the bad and the funny side!


The Good Side of the Story!

We have known people and have worked for people who understand nothing about technology, but have a defined domain knowledge or expertise or clarity of purpose to pursue use of technology to expand their skills to a global arena through automation made feasible by technology.

By automation, we are specifically talking about delivering value through use of software, rather than manual tasking.

Say for instance, an auditor who does auditing of major hospitals, food & beverage industries have found that the process could be optimized by use of an iPad type device that will carry the standardized forms for compliance regulation and works, just works! On both offline and online mode.

This simplification is a welcomed simplification; business needs efficiency, less paper work, more quality coverage and accuracy.

This forms the clarity of purpose behind the development of software product.



Awesome Responsive Web Design (RWD) Part Two: Don’t Forget Device Size, Queries, Images and Testing!


In the first of our two-part article series, entitled ‘Awesome Responsive Web Design (RWD) Part One: The Devil is in the Details!’ we discussed some of the challenges and considerations of building a high performance, heavy data centric, multi device mobile business solution. In the first article, we reminded our readers that Software Product Development and, in particular, Product Development, Management and Support (PDMS) must include a serious consideration of RWD and software usability improvements.The concept of Responsive Web Design encompasses differing techniques such as Adaptive Web Design, RESS (Responsive Design with Server-Side components), and responsive delivery. These techniques incorporate client-side code, multiple device templates, and cloud-based code transformations that stretch far beyond the scope of RWD. “Responsive” has simply come to describe techniques and technologies in which a unified set of website code produces Web pages optimized for multiple devices based on screen size and device capability. How a site achieves this unified state is becoming less and less important.


Elegant MicroWeb Celebrates 16 Years of Scottish Partnership on Upcoming Scottish Independence Referendum


Scotland will vote on an independence proposition on September 18, and Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, wishes the Scottish people the best during this important time in their history. In 2001, just two years after the Scottish Parliament was established, it became the first of many organizations throughout the United Kingdom to join hands with Elegant MicroWeb and Organized Feedback (Formerly CommunityPeople Ltd) of Edinburgh, Scotland, to embrace the concept of eDemocracy.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel said. “With remarkable foresight, the Scottish Parliament launched a technology outreach program to involve Members in the political process, and became the first legislature in the world to webcast debates, allowing citizens to discuss proposed legislation online.”


Let’s Get This Straight: Software Product Development Isn’t The Same As Application Development


The difference between Application Development, Maintenance and Support (ADMS) and Product Development, Maintenance and Support (PDMS) is not always obvious to businesses. But if an enterprise is considering a software product launch, it is imperative that the management team understands that difference! Employing ADMS skills and resources to complete a PDMS project is very likely to result in project failure.The investment and time required to conceive, design and develop a software product is significant, and it can be overwhelming. The software product development and design process includes competitive analysis, technical feasibility, product roadmap management and implementation and timely upgrades of the product to satisfy the ever-changing user and technology needs. If your business wants to successfully create and launch a software product, the project must be managed with optimum standards of software engineering and it must comply with the business plan and financial projections for the product. Software Products Development must include state-of-the-art software engineering practices, appropriate technical architecture, versioning control, detailed technical and user documentation and high development and quality standards.


Dare to Dream the Impossible Dream: Dependable, Skilled Software Application Development, Support and Maintenance Services at an Affordable Price


Oh infinitely wise business person, you can get what you need in the way of software application development, maintenance and support services without selling your most prized possessions and taking out a third mortgage!You need an IT consulting partner that is professional, dedicated and proficient. With that ace in the hole, you can wallop the competition with flexible services that let you quickly supplement existing staffing, and ensure that your application development design and execution is cost-effective and executed by experienced software developers who have your best interests in mind – a team that wants you to succeed as much as it wants its own business to succeed! Can you imagine that? Yes, this kind of IT partner DOES exist!