Top 5 DevOps… Development Operations


DevOps practices include the creation of a common process for the developer and operations teams; formation of teams to manage the end-to-end provisioning and practices for promotion and release; a focus on high fidelity between environments.We are discussing the top 5 key DevOps in-demand today.1. Application Development Life Cycle Management (ADLM)
This service is about application development & its life cycle management. We achieve this through a suite of technologies and practices that generally includes metadata integration, workflow and process management facilities. The services tie together the management of at least two stages of development, underlying change versions and configurations, and include the ability to customize the process flow of application development, integration and maintenance projects.


2. Product Development and Maintenance Services
A product or app is a software packaging construct where value results from a specific, defined and sustained purpose identified through people-centered design processes. The more focused an app is on doing one thing well, the more valuable it’s deemed to be..

3. Enterprise Integration
Enterprise Application Integration or Enterprise Integration Services form a key necessity for businesses with several stand alone legacy applications running and business demand is driving a need for streamlined enterprise architecture that is also connected for key function points. Integration Patterns and Methods are vast and many well established solutions exist. Be it Microsoft based BizTalk servers or OpenESB type integration service layers. Enterprise Architecture improvements have to cover the basic grounds of integration such as the existence of EDI – Electronic Data Interchange among different stand alone applications.

4. QA Services
QA i.e. Quality Assurance Testing looks specifically at two key requirements of top performing enterprises with extensive application service consumptions. These are Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Cloud testing…

5. Mobile
Mobile Services delivery governed by the enterprise Mobile strategies…We tackle cross platform, 100% native mobile application and delivery needs. The objective is enforcing best programming practices as part of the mobile delivery using our Divots. This focus regulates the development measures needed to deliver high quality at rapid successions.

Making it feasible for operations to flourish with sustained pace of delivery.

And a Honarary Mention: Agile Software Development
DevOps is focused on improving business outcomes via the adoption of continuous improvement and incremental release principles adopted from agile methodologies. While agility often equates to speed, there is a somewhat paradoxical impact; and smaller, more frequent updates to production can work to improve overall stability and control, thus reducing risk.

DevOps is primarily associated with continuous integration and delivery of IT services as a means of providing linkages across the application life cycle, from development to production.

DevOps does not have a concrete set of mandates or standards, or a known framework (e.g., ITIL or Capability Maturity Model Integrated [CMMI]), making it subject to a more liberal interpretation.

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