“All people ever say is, ‘there’s an app for that’.” My friend, Toby shook his head sadly and looked at me with the kind of hopeless expression I associate with people who are afraid they will lose their jobs. But, Toby wasn’t in as much trouble as he thought. We talked about his upcoming project and he told me that his IT staff didn’t have the time or the skills to develop the business app his boss wanted. I told him not to worry.


“I know a guy,” I said. “Well, actually I know a whole team of men and women and they can get the job done.”

What Toby needed was a team that had a wealth of experience in application design and development; one that could guarantee quality and delivery with ISO:9001:2008 QMS certified processes and was able to prove its skill and expertise with plenty of references. He also needed someone who would be there to support and maintain the application as the organization grew and changed and its customer base expanded.

If you can relate to Toby and you need an expert team to help you, look for:

  • 24X7 maintenance and support availability for all time zones
  • Cutting-edge skills and technology and trained, experienced resources
  • Proven, practical, affordable integration and implementation of applications
  • Affordable app development and intuitive solutions for swift ROI and low TCO
  • Effective, timely reporting and accessible data for clear, concise business decisions
  • Improved service levels, and availability and improved customer and partner satisfaction
  • Leading edge software engineering practices and standards

Look no further! Application Development, Support and Maintenance