ElegantJ BI is pleased to announce the release of version 4.3 of the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite. The release of ElegantJ Bi v4.3 represents another step on the path to enhanced self-serve BI tools to support the transition of business users to true citizen data scientists.

The ElegantJ BI version 4.3 release includes major features and enhancements. Here are just some of the highlights of version 4.3 of the ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite.


Graph Engine: A new graph engine for superior performance and visualization effects. This enhancement further enables crisp, clear visualization and supports the concept of Smart Visualization. Version 4.3 also includes new graph types. The ElegantJ BI product is built on the foundational strategy of a ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ theme to provide a seamless experience across all devices and screen sizes.

GeoMaps: The GeoMaps component supports worldwide GeoMaps visualization. This component enables GeoMap-based visualization and GeoSpatial visualization. These maps are interactive and support a worldwide view, down to the zip code level. They do not require internet connection to function, and they can be seamlessly integrated into ElegantJ BI dashboards and also support functionality such as zoom in/zoom out, drill down, spot lighters and display of multiple dimensions and measures at a particular geographic location.

SOAP-Based Web Service API: The enhancements to the integration API allow for seamless management of user access rights and configuration management through API, thereby further solidifying the concept of embedded BI tools. With this enhanced API, end users or OEM partners can integrate the ElegantJ BI application with other enterprise applications. These administrative API allows for easy configuration and integration and support critical functions such as user access rights management for third party apps.

“Our newest features and expanded function allow business users to easily and quickly gather and analyze data with interactive visualization,” says ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel. “We constantly strive to find opportunities to support the user with flexible tools and to enable user empowerment while, at the same time, ensuring comprehensive data governance and security.”

The ElegantJ BI solution was listed as a representative vendor in the Gartner ‘Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms’, published in February 2016. ElegantJ BI has created a clear roadmap toward ‘Advanced Data Discovery’ that promotes self-serve data preparation, smart visualization, and Plug n’ Play predictive analytics, to put the power of BI tools in the hands of business users. Self-Serve Data Preparation is an important component of the evolving Advanced Data Discovery strategy, enabling users to prepare data and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own, without the help of a programmer or analyst. Self-Serve Data Preparation empowers the business user and allows them to perform tasks, make decisions and share and collaborate quickly and with unprecedented ease and agility.

ElegantJ BI invites organizations to explore the benefits of ElegantJ BI v4.3

About ElegantJ BI:

ElegantJ BI is the flagship BI solution of Elegant MicroWeb, powered by unique Managed Memory Computing technology, and intelligent ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ adaptive UI engine for out-of-the-box roll out for Mobile BI. Its independent product suite analyzes data from any transaction system and has ready-to-use BI apps for verticals like stock brokerage, banking fixed deposit and landing, Logistics – freight forwarders, toll plaza performance management, urban transport management, and for small and medium businesses including finance, inventory, sales, purchasing, HR and production. ElegantJ BI is used by large, medium and small businesses around the world, including Saudi Telecom, Religqare Securities, IPCA Laboratories, JMC Projects, Sharekhan, Raychem RPG and many other small and medium size businesses.

Source – ElegantJ BI Enhances Self-serve BI Tools in Version 4.3 of its Business Intelligence Solution