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Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths
Myth #5: It is Expensive and Time-Consuming to Give Mobile BI to Business Users

There is no way to avoid the hype and claims swirling around the business intelligence market today. But, if your organization is trying to institute a self-serve BI initiative, choose a new BI tools solution or change from one BI solution to another, it must first debunk the myths surrounding the market and dispense with the market hype. Otherwise, the enterprise is not likely to achieve its goals, empower its business users or enjoy the rapid ROI and low TCO it requires. If you find it difficult to sort through the buzz and choose the right BI tools, don’t be discouraged. We can help!


The information presented in this articles series, entitled ‘Debunking Common Business Intelligence Myths’, will debunk the market myths in the BI tools market, to help you achieve clarity and make the right choice for your business and your users.

In the fifth of this seven-article series, we focus on one of the myths surrounding mobile BI tools and the cost and time required to achieve true self-serve, mobile business intelligence.

Every organization wants the advantage of Mobile BI and the benefit it provides to its business users, and to the organization. But, if your enterprise is like other businesses, you cannot afford to spend a lot of time and money to acquire and customize a BI tool. You need true self-serve, mobile BI tools and you need them quickly and with minimal investment. When an organization begins to implement a so-called ‘self-serve, mobile BI’ solution, the obstacles become readily apparent, and the task, expense and time commitment can be daunting and discouraging.

Typical obstacles to mobile, self-serve BI include:

  • Design and development of multiple dashboards to fit disparate usability demands and use cases.
  • Dashboard designs and development for each mobile operating system, e.g., iOs, Android and Windows mobile.
  • Dashboard design and development for numerous screen resolutions for smartphones and tablets.

And, the sad truth is that even if your enterprise is willing and able to spend the money and time on these so-called ‘mobile BI’ solutions, in the end, mobile business users will not have all the powerful interactive and visualization features that are available on the desktop version of the solution.

It may be discouraging and disconcerting to find that the end result of your so-called mobile, self-serve initiative does not empower your business users or help you achieve your goals. Beyond the disappointment looms the probability that your enterprise will have wasted time and money in the effort and without results to show for the initiative, the organization will find itself back at square one, without the funding to try again.

Design Once, Use Anywhere = Rapid Mobile BI Deployment

In order to succeed in a mobile, self-serve BI initiative, the selected solution must be accessible and flexible to extend to smart phone, tablet and desktop users in a seamless, effortless environment. Mobile BI should not require additional development for each device or screen size! Instead, it should offer a ‘Design once, Use anywhere’ intelligent UI engine, to support enterprise and business user requirements and provide the flexibility for growth and the introduction of new devices and technology, so that business users can have the benefit and convenience of mobile business intelligence in the office and on the road.

A dependable, innovative business intelligence solution must be built with an adaptive and responsive user interface that renders UI elements based on resolution of the target device, so that your organization does not need to design different dashboards or BI objects for different devices.

With these advantages, Business Intelligence comes to life, in a 100% browser-based interface to operate seamlessly on any device and with any resolution – Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phones, so your enterprise and users can reap the benefits of mobile, scalable, device-independent BI tools and collaborate, report, analyze and achieve results in the office and on the road.

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A Summary of the Myths and Confusion in Business Intelligence

Debunk the myths surrounding Self-Serve Business Intelligence tools, dispense with misinformation and confusion and get to the heart of true self-serve, mobile business intelligence, so your organization and business users can achieve better results, improve the bottom line and enjoy flexible, user-friendly BI tools to grow your enterprise and compete in today’s challenging markets.

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