3 Primary Focus Areas for a Digital Transformation Endeavors!

The world-renowned technology research firm, Gartner, has predicted a strategic focus on Digital Transformation in the coming years and that focus is appropriate. If businesses are to improve productivity and the quality and timeliness of decisions; if business leaders are to ensure a sustained competitive position and retain customers and employees, it is imperative that these businesses focus on improving data literacy and initiate a comprehensive Digital Transformation (Dx) strategy.

Opportunity is Knocking! Should You Answer?

As business people, we are often presented with what might seem like a great opportunity. Maybe we have a chance to open another location, or to buy out a competitor or to add a product or service to our existing portfolio or to acquire more customers, resources, material or equipment.

Case study: Table Booking and Advance Food Ordering Mobile App and Portal Supports Qatar-Based Restaurant Technology Solution

This Client established a business to serve the global restaurant market with a solution that would support table booking and advance food ordering. The Client team is comprised of technical and business professionals who came together to collaborate on an idea that would cater to the global restaurant market starting in the Qatar region and expanding from there.

Custom Software Development: Dependable and Affordable!

Software Development Services, Skills and Experience!

App Development and Offshore Software Development Services!

Whether your organization needs app development services or skills and experience in mobile app development, it is important that your enterprise partner with a dependable, knowledgeable IT consulting partner – one with years of software development experience and design and development methodologies and processes to support project integrity and successful outcomes.


Global IT Delivery Models and Software Development

Expert Software Development and Delivery Models for All

Custom Software Development, Global IT Delivery Models. It’s All Possible!

Whether your market is local or global, the business world is competitive and you can’t afford a misstep in the market. Technology is the underpinning of productivity and workflow, so if you are using software, you will need skilled software development and a service provider that can assist with integration, infrastructure support, and other technology initiatives. While your IT team may be very skilled, if your organization is like most, IT is sorely strained for resources and they are trying to do everything from producing custom reports to maintaining networks and hardware and creating custom apps that serve users.


The Right Offshore Software Development Services!

Offshore Software Development Can Work For You!

Don’t Give Up on Offshore Software Development. Get the Right Partner!

Offshore software development services are not limited to one-time projects. If your organization needs some skilled resources, and you need them NOW, you should definitely consider offshore software development solutions. But, don’t limit yourself to that emergency, short-term project. The right offshore software development company can function as a long-term partner, providing skills, knowledge and services your team may need without hiring full-time resources.


Case Study: Web-Based Community Software Product for UK Idea Management Business


A UK internet community, market research and consultation, eDemocracy solution provider asked Elegant MicroWeb to design a web-based software product for Idea Management. The application allows users to create employee, stakeholder, customer and citizen communities and encourage collaboration, and feedback. The Elegant MicroWeb team designed an integrated suite of Idea Management tools, including user-friendly wizards to support users and allow for idea sharing, brainstorming, ranking and discussion of ideas, and archival capability.


Elegant MicroWeb Completes Cloud-Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for Organized Feedback IdeaLab Product

Microsoft-Azure-Cloud-Migration-For-Idea-Management-Tool 2

Elegant MicroWeb announces the completion of the IdeaLab cloud migration as part of an ongoing partnership with Organized Feedback. The migration of the Organized Feedback IdeaLab product to the Azure platform leverages the Elegant MicroWeb Microsoft partnership and its experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to ensure the advantages of a secure, scalable platform, and extend the capabilities and benefits to IdeaLab customers and the reach of Organized Feedback in the field of Idea Management.


Elegant MicroWeb Offers World-Class Value-Added Partnerships for Web and Digital Agencies


For more than a decade, Elegant MicroWeb has sustained a comprehensive and successful worldwide partnership program. Elegant MicroWeb provides technical services for software engineering and software development services to web agencies, digital marketing agencies and IT consulting companies.Its decade-long successful Web and Digital Agency partner program includes partnerships with innovative digital communication strategy experts, and serves leading corporations in industries like aerospace, global banking and financial services, public sector organizations, and healthcare, in the U.K., United States and other parts of the world.


I Need it ALL, I Need it NOW and I Need it to be Affordable! Sound Familiar?

offshore-outsourcing-services (2)

When I first started looking for someone who could help our business with ongoing support, special projects and, well, a little bit of everything, my manager said, “Trudy, we need an offshore development company that is dependable with a great track record, and great customer satisfaction ranking.” But, he wasn’t giving me carte blanche! He was concerned about staying within budget. “My boss isn’t going to give me any more money,” he said. “She says we should do it all with our IT staff, but you know that isn’t possible.”To top it all off, I had my own selfish needs! I wanted a company with global experience, one that could keep pace with cutting-edge technologies, mobile application development, UI design, software re-engineering and just about everything else. Right about now, you are saying, “That’s crazy. You can’t get all of that and stay within budget.”