Accountants and Finance Pros: Get the Most out of Tally ERP with Analytics!

What’s your role? Maybe you are an accounting professional, or a financial manager, or maybe you are a sales manager, someone in charge of purchasing for your business, or the person who manages inventory. No matter your role, if you deal with budget, overspending, supply shortages or any other aspect of the business affecting the budget, funding, spending and revenue, you know how important it is to stay on top of things.

If your business uses Tally ERP solutions, you may be entering data, printing and distributing reports, using the information in the system to track inventory and purchasing or, just about anything else. But, the problem with data is that it can often hide crucial trends and facts. You can see the columns and the numbers, you can print the statutory reports, but you can’t always apply your years of professional knowledge to that mound of data to spot issues or to help your colleagues or clients identify the next big thing.

Analytics Makes Tally ERP More Than Financial Software

Where are the opportunities? How can you use your limited resources to best leverage your products, your customer base, your competitive position? If you work with numbers in accounting or a finance-related position, you can add value by adding analytics to your Tally ERP solution. With built-in analytics that offer out-of-the-box reporting you can manage sales, purchasing, payables and receivables, income and expenses, cash and bank, duties and taxes, monthly trends and other categories and factors, using top to bottom analysis, contribution analysis and key performance indicators (KPIs) so you are managing with facts. You can explore sales and identify top customers, you can illustrate banking and cash results and compare historical time periods (all without having to dump data into an Excel spreadsheet), and make decisions based on fact-based analytics. You can spot trends in overdue collections, analyze inventory shortages, suppliers and shipping and distribution, and examine taxes, estimated tax obligations, cost centers and ledgers, account statements and reports that allow you to drill down and slice and dice by vendor product, service, cost, sales person, location, customer, inventory, purchasing, and more.

The benefit to you and to your clients and colleagues is a new kind of insight, going beyond data entry and dry, columnar reporting. Using clear visualization, dynamic charts and graphs and modern business intelligence tools, you can leverage KPIs and analytics to gain a competitive edge and add value and visibility for your individual position and your team.  

If you are a Tally user, you can leverage powerful analytical tools to add value to your organization and take a proactive role in results. AND, your business can evaluate the solution for free. Find out more about SmartenApps For Tally analytics. Contact Us to today to find out how SmartenApps for Tally can help you achieve your goals.

Original Post : Analytics Makes Tally ERP More Than Financial Software!