BI for Construction Can Truly Improve Your Business Results

Does My Company Need Business Intelligence for Construction?

Why would construction company need business intelligence? A more appropriate question is: why not? Constructions companies use a variety of software tools, from project management to computer aided design (CAD) systems, and while some of the solutions they utilize can provide reporting, there is really no good way to get business intelligence.



Analytics for construction can bring together and integrate data from various systems to provide a reporting tool for construction managers and for team members and senior executives. But, the more critical aspect of BI for construction is the myriad of opportunities it provides the organization. Business intelligence for construction provides a clear picture of the market, competitors, customers, and trends and patterns so the enterprise can stay ahead of issues and challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Business users, construction managers, project managers and other team members can use Dashboards for Construction to identify pricing and product and service opportunities, anticipate resource needs, drill down into budgets and schedules and other details to get to the root cause of a problem or understand what is driving business success or failure.

These out-of-the-box BI tools can be implemented quickly and require minimal training, so users will adopt the solution more rapidly and return on investment (ROI) will be prompt. Key performance Indicators (KPIs) allow the enterprise to establish, monitor and manager metrics for a clear view of business results and success. KPI for Construction is crucial to objective management of businesses in the construction industry.

If your business is struggling with competitor, market or business intelligence and wishes to improve results and planning accuracy, Contact us to explore Business Intelligence for Construction.