BI for Sales Team Management Can Change Your Fortune

BI for Sales Force is the Way to Understand and Achieve Results!

Whether you are a Sales Manager or an executive, you really need to understand the impact of sales efforts for every product, every division and every location. There is no way to achieve consistent sales results without up-to-date, accurate information. Analytics for sales force allows Sales Directors and Sales Managers to use data to monitor goals and objectives. Dashboards for sales teams allow you to monitor enterprise sales results at the international, national, regional, local, team, and individual level! With a reporting tool for sales teams, you can manage incentives and set targets and provide accurate sales forecasts and predictions to ensure that the enterprise consistently meets its goals and can depend on the predicted revenue and profits for investment, new product development, market expansion and resource acquisition.



BI for Sales Force provides true, meaningful information by integrating the data from enterprise systems and presenting a single, unified view of results. This view can be customized to meet the needs of a sales manager, a team leader or an individual sales professional – so everyone will have the information they need to manage their role and be accountable for objectives and goals. You can slice and dice data, summarize results and drill down, drill through and analyze information to discover the source of a problem. If a sales region fails to meet the established plan, you can quickly ascertain the root cause of the issue, whether it is product dissatisfaction, poor sales performance, or any one of a number of other sources.

Since the demand generated by your sales force directly affects the production cycle and plan, you will also want to monitor sales targets and objectives with product capacity and production using KPI for Sales Force, so your sales team can satisfy the customer without shortfalls or back orders. If some customers are behind on product payments, you can identify the source of the issue and address that issue with KPI for Sales, before it results in declined revenue and results.

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