Getting Started on the Citizen Data Scientist Path!

If you follow technology publications and predictions, you know that Citizen Data Scientists are the big news for business. By transforming business users into Citizen Data Scientists, the business can leverage the professional skills and knowledge of an individual team member and combine that knowledge with data analytics to get the best answers, forecast and predict, solve problems and identify business opportunities.

With the right augmented analytics solution, business users can adopt these tools and share and collaborate with others to make fact-based day-to-day decisions without the assistance of IT, a programmer or a Data Scientist. So, the business is more productive and decisions are more likely to advance the bottom line and the competitive strategy.

But, if you decide to launch a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, it isn’t as simple as getting the right software solution. You also have to change your culture to encourage collaboration, to allow data scientists to interact with business users, as and when data analytics needs to be refined for strategic purposes,

If you really want your Citizen Data Scientist initiative to succeed, you don’t need lengthy, in depth training. But, you do need to introduce the concepts and help the entire team understand the role, the purpose, the new workflow and processes, and the culture shift and you do need to introduce the techniques and tools they will use so that they are confident in the new role.

Citizen Data Scientist learning programs like this one: Citizen Data Scientist eLearning. will introduce the relevant concepts, discuss changing roles and collaboration and cover basic analytical techniques and the application of these techniques within self-serve Augmented Analytics solutions. This type of training allows organizations to identify Citizen Data Scientist candidates and provide them with a simple, timely course to give them the confidence to participate in and support the initiative.

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