BI Tools and BI Dashboards for Business Users!

What is Business Intelligence and How Can Dashboarding Tools Help Me?

There has been a lot of discussion about Business Intelligence over the past decade. Business professionals hear this term in industry conferences and read about it in trade journals. But, many struggle to define the concept, so let’s start this discussion with a business intelligence definition.



What is Business Intelligence ? Business intelligence incorporates technologies, applications and practices to support the collection, integration, analysis, presentation, reporting and sharing of business data to support accurate business decisions.

In considering the importance of business intelligence in the average enterprise, we must acknowledge the difference between making decisions based on guesswork and opinion and making decisions based on facts and data. A Self Service BI Tool can help the business user to gather, analyze, report on and share data with other users so that everyone is on the same page and decisions are data-driven.

Streamlined BI Dashboards allow a user an integrated view and can be personalized to provide alerts, data, analysis and information in a way that is meaningful to the role the user plays within the organization. Dashboarding tools enable the average business user to enjoy self-serve business intelligence without the need for assistance from data scientists or IT staff.

BI Reporting can provide standard reports and ad-hoc reporting capability so users can build their own reports with BI Reporting Tool that are flexible and designed to support user needs both in skill levels and in access to and comprehensive understanding of the data they are viewing and using.

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