One way to get your business users to use a Business Intelligence solution is to ensure that they have access to data from other data sources like ERP, CRM, HR, SCM and other applications. By integrating data from disparate sources, your team will have access to all critical, relevant information and can use that information to perform sophisticated analysis that will keep your company on track.With the right embedded BI tool, your team can get started analyzing data in minutes! Easy-to-use API integration for 3rd party applications ensures user adoption, swift ROI and low TCO for your business intelligence solution purchase, and will give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the market.


When considering a BI tool, look for embedded API integration and a 100% browser based interface, with a responsive interface that delivers an integrated, seamless user experience on desktops, tablets and smart phones, and features and functionality that are embedded into the seamless user experience.

The business and technical benefits of embedded business intelligence include:

  • Easy to integrate embedded analytics accessible to your users in minutes – lightening fast implementation!
  • Ease-of-use for users with average skills ensures user adoption and immediate leverage of tools and analysis.
  • Integration using programming languages including Java, PHP, .NET, and with Javascript and Web Services approach, and integration with authentication directories like LDAP and AD
  • Industry standard encryption options ensures multi-layered security and standards compliance.

The clear benefits of embedded BI tools for application vendors, in-house IT staff and simple, swift start-up and integration cannot be overstated. While in-house IT staff can achieve seamless, embedded API integration, the benefits can also be extended to BI OEM partners, thereby enabling these vendors to offer BI tools to their customers and improve their competitive positioning in the market.

Consider how far your business can go with embedded BI tools and features like personalized dashboards, extensive reporting features, KPI and graphs. You can integrate and analyze data from other vendor applications and in-house applications, and application vendors and in-house technical staff can provide embedded BI analytics and dashboards to application users with fast, affordable implementation and mobile access.

Embedded business intelligence analytics allows small, medium and large businesses to compete with the same detailed analytical capabilities and functionality and ensures that every user is empowered and accountable for business results.

Business intelligence with embedded API integration is critical to business success; to BI tool ROI, to user adoption and to confident decision-making and business success.