Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, is proud to offer expert offshore outsourcing user interface (UI) design and redesign services to satisfy the need for a better user experience (Ux) and ensure that its customers and partners have access to the best user interface design.


Today’s users are more sophisticated than ever before. Whether business users or consumers are using software applications, mobile apps or a website for enterprise or personal use, usability is critical to success for both personal and business objectives. If a business employs expert Ux design knowledge and skills and takes the time to plan and execute the project appropriately, it can better target and retain customers, improve user adoption, achieve objectives and goals and optimize its budget, infrastructure and resource investment. Recent studies reveal that 90% of media interaction is screen-based, and nearly 40% of this interaction takes place on a smart phone. There are more than 200 separate and distinct device screen resolutions in the market today, and consumers and users expect every software product, application and portal to satisfy their unique device requirements and to be intuitive and easy to use.

Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel says. “With the consumerization of technology, today’s users are more sophisticated and they demand business and consumer applications and software that are intuitive, and easy to navigate and make purchasing, working, browsing and finding information a quick and simple task.”

To support these market and technology requirements, Elegant MicroWeb has designed a comprehensive package of User Experience Design and UI Development services. These services include targeted user group and skills studies, technical and business requirements planning and development, UI prototyping, UI framework technical feasibility, UI design, UI development and implementation, as well as UI testing (including device and browser compatibility testing) and maintenance services.

“Designing and developing a new User experience (Ux), or upgrading or migrating to a new Ux, must include technology, framework and platform research,” said Patel. “A UI design project must also include thorough testing and user involvement in prototype and other project phases. These factors will ensure that the Ux is flexible and intuitive, meets targeted user requirements and is compatible with the environment in which the application, software or site is used.”

Elegant MicroWeb’s clients and partners on every continent are already enjoying the benefits of user interface design and Ux improvement projects, including increased revenue, competitive advantages, improved user adoption, ROI and TCO. The Elegant MicroWeb expert UI team recently completed a successful, comprehensive Ux redesign on its flagship ElegantJ BI Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management product. Elegant MicroWeb offers affordable UI design packages that are practical and accessible for every size company, every industry and every business function.

About Elegant MicroWeb

Elegant MicroWeb is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with more than a decade of experience serving customers around the world, and provides offshore development services, product development services, and Business Intelligence solutions with proven delivery models.

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