Case Study: Legacy ERP Solution Re-Engineering and Upgrade Including User Experience Improvements

This Client is an ERP Solution provider from Ahmedabad, India with more than twenty (20) years in business. It serves numerous industries in India, many of which are Multinational Companies (MNCs). The Client provides ready to use ERP solutions for specific domains and industries. This Client also provides services and solutions for Bespoke ERP, based upon its customer business needs, processes and workflow.

UI and Ux Design!

Ux Design Can Make or Break an App or Software Product!

User Experience Design for Software Products and Software Apps!

If your business is planning a software product or a software app, do not forget the importance of UI development and UI and Ux Design. A user experience designer is an integral part of the success of your app or software product.


Ux Design is an Important Aspect of Software and App Development!

UI Design is Crucial to Software and App Success!

Don’t Leave Ux Design to Chance. Engage the Experts!

In a world where mobile apps, websites and global competition affects even the smallest business competitor, expectations are high and the ways in which a business reaches out online and through consumer and business applications are as familiar to users as a smart phone.


UI Development is Important to Software Success!

Great UI and UX Design is a Necessity!

The Right Ux Designer Can Make or Break a Software Project!

There is perhaps nothing more important in software design today than user experience design. A great Ux designer is worth their weight in gold! Why is that? Simple, users and consumers today are very demanding and they are used to getting what they want; namely an easy-to-use, intuitive application or tool that allows them to complete tasks easily and works on every device they own or use.


Elegant MicroWeb Announces User Interface (UI) Design Services for Software Applications and Portals


Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, is proud to offer expert offshore outsourcing user interface (UI) design and redesign services to satisfy the need for a better user experience (Ux) and ensure that its customers and partners have access to the best user interface design.


Enterprise Mobility, BYOD, BYOT, and BYOP: A Waking Nightmare for IT Professionals

mobile-apps-development (2)

The growing popularity of mobile apps, solutions and sites has put a lot of pressure on IT professionals – both internal teams and IT consulting firms. That pressure is compounded by the increasing demands of consumers, employees and every type of technology users who want to use their personal devices at work, on the road and at home. Buzzwords like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) are heard in every corporate conference room, as business struggle to sustain the rapid growth and change demanded by today’s technology innovations. Business technology tools, sites and software must be well-conceived and designed using responsive web design; adaptive web design for browser-based mobile apps, and native platform based mobile applications for specific native apps that comply with iOs, Android, BlackBerry, and other devices.


8 Ways to Give Users What They Want: UI Redesign Requires an Expert Touch


Sometimes you know that a user interface is just not working. It may be because your internal users are complaining or because your customers have given you feedback. But, sometimes, you don’t know there is a problem, and that lack of understanding can compromise your customer satisfaction and result in revenue decline. It can also mean that your internal users will not adopt and use the software and solutions you have invested in and that will result in a decline in ROI and an unhappy management team. To counter these issues, some organizations will undertake a focused review of usability and survey customers or internal users to get targeted feedback. Some enterprises will employ usability experts and request a review of an interface and navigation and workflow, in order to understand where they may have gaps or functional issues.