Elegant MicroWeb Announces User Interface (UI) Design Services for Software Applications and Portals


Elegant MicroWeb, of Ahmedabad, India, is proud to offer expert offshore outsourcing user interface (UI) design and redesign services to satisfy the need for a better user experience (Ux) and ensure that its customers and partners have access to the best user interface design.


Native Mobile Application or Web App? Make the Right Decision for YOUR Business

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Your business management team has finally decided to create an application that complies with mobile standards and will attract more customers. The only remaining question is whether to go with a native mobile application or to create a mobile web application. In other words, before you start to plan and design, you’ll have to decide whether you want a software application that will provide an intuitive application UI design and user experience for desktops, laptops and smart phones via respective browsers on those devices, or whether you want to design a native mobile application that will function on a particular native mobile platform, e.g., IOS, Android or Blackberry.


8 Ways to Give Users What They Want: UI Redesign Requires an Expert Touch


Sometimes you know that a user interface is just not working. It may be because your internal users are complaining or because your customers have given you feedback. But, sometimes, you don’t know there is a problem, and that lack of understanding can compromise your customer satisfaction and result in revenue decline. It can also mean that your internal users will not adopt and use the software and solutions you have invested in and that will result in a decline in ROI and an unhappy management team. To counter these issues, some organizations will undertake a focused review of usability and survey customers or internal users to get targeted feedback. Some enterprises will employ usability experts and request a review of an interface and navigation and workflow, in order to understand where they may have gaps or functional issues.