Flexible Licensing for Business Intelligence Initiatives!

Successful Adoption of BI Tools Requires Affordable Licensing and Simple Tools!

So, you have finally implemented a business intelligence solution. Maybe you just finished the deployment or maybe the BI tools have been in place for a while. If you are not getting what you want out of the implementation, it could very well be because your roll out is not expansive enough.



Gartner estimates that, in spite of all the press and buzz; in spite of all the implementations, the penetration of business intelligence is only about 30%. In other words, Business Analytics is not something that has been provided to business users to encourage or champion data democratization. Oh sure, you may have placed the tools in the enterprise, but if you have not engendered the right culture, if you have not chosen the right tools to make use of business analytics as easy as it should be, then your user adoption, ROI and TCO will not be what you wanted or what you need.

With the right Self Service BI Tools, you can enjoy unique licensing and pricing, and options for unlimited users. With server based licenses, your roll out can be affordable and fast and, when you can afford to roll out these tools to hundreds or even thousands of users, you can truly build an organization that transforms business users into Citizen Data Scientists and those users can leverage tools that will make it easy to analyze, share data to enable Social BI and get to the goals you wanted for your Business Intelligence initiative.

Simple, flexible licensing combined with simple, flexible self-serve BI tools is the key to success in your organization. If you would like to jump start your business intelligence initiative, talk to the experts. BI Technology and Simplicity.

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