BI Tools: Easy for Business Users, Easy for IT to Administer!

A Business Intelligence Solution for Business Users and IT Staff Will Love!

There are many reasons for a business to consider a self-serve business intelligence solution for business users. If properly deployed, BI tools improve productivity, accuracy and speed of decisions and competitive advantage – among other things. ###


If your business is a start-up or a small or medium business, you may be concerned about the cost, time and resources required to implement a BI Tool for your business users. When considering prospective solutions, it is important to look at ease of implementation, training and support. The right business intelligence solution can be easily implemented and administered and managed by entry level IT staff, freeing more skilled IT professionals for more strategic activities and projects. Once deployed, a BI Dashboard and BI Analytics can support business users with day-to-day decisions and tools they can use on their own without the assistance of IT, data scientists, analysts or SQL skills. Renowned technology research firm, Gartner, predicts that, ‘By 2021, augmented analytics will be a dominant driver of new purchases of analytics and BI as well as data science and machine learning platforms, and of embedded analytics.’ Providing your business users with simple, clear tools that enable fact-based decisions is key to success in the market and will ensure user adoption. The right solution will also support IT with easy administrative and management tools that ensure appropriate access and security measures and allow entry level IT staff members to manage the process. So, productivity and resource optimization is assured – both for business users and for the IT team. Discover our BI Tools and Technology today. Original Post: BI Tools: Easy for Business Users, Easy for IT to Administer!