Analytics for Hospitality and Entertainment

What Can Analytics for Hospitality and Entertainment Do For Your Business?

Every industry today seems to have recognized the need for business intelligence and analytics. Analytics for hospitality and analytics for the entertainment industry are burgeoning areas of growth for business intelligence.



Business Intelligence of Hospitality allows for analysis and planning or occupancy, seasonality, product and amenity popularity and satellite services like shuttles into city areas, trainers in gyms, room service or restaurant partnerships, etc. Dashboards for Entertainment Industry can bring together data integrated from disparate sources into an easy-to-use interface and allow for drag and drop reporting, and in-depth analysis of ticket price points, gift card use, product packages, audience targeting and more.

KPI for Hospitality and KPI for Entertainment Industry allows the enterprise to establish, monitor and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide objective metrics and enable management and team members to recognize challenges and opportunities. No organization or industry can ignore the importance of analytics and business intelligence and a self-serve BI tool with sophisticated, easy-to-use features can help the enterprise to democratize data and provide business users with the tools they need to share, compare and leverage data and make better business decisions.

If these tools are designed to support a particular industry or business function out-of-the-box, implementation and training is easy and fast.

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