Data Discovery Software that Will Guide Users at Every Step!

Augmented Analytics and Advanced Data Discovery for Business Users!

Augmented analytics can help your business users to find and understand critical data and to do their jobs more effectively. Without the knowledge of a data scientist or an IT professional, business users can perform advanced analytics, using features that guide and make recommendations at every step so that data is prepared, viewed and analyzed in a way that ensures clarity and a comprehensive understanding of trends, patterns, and data sensitivity and success thresholds.



Advanced Data Discovery software must provide appropriate access and security, mobile scalability and performance and guides and auto-suggestions, that will allow Smart Data Discovery and allow users to find the right data and to leverage that data to anticipate problems and capitalize on opportunities without a misstep or delay.

No organization can afford to hire a large team of data professionals and business users should not be expected to employ complex tools that require that kind of sophisticated knowledge. That doesn’t mean that your business users do not deserve and need the same sophisticated analysis. They need to have and share data that will illustrate clear results in a format that leaves no doubt about the right decision.

Advanced Data Discovery can and should be accessible to everyone in your organization. That access will make your users and your business more successful and will eliminate frustration and needless delays. It will also ensure user adoption of Self Service Business Intelligence tools and swift implementation and training of these crucial tools to achieve low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI).

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