Look for a BI Solution with R Integration!

Business Intelligence and R Scripting Integration!

When you choose a BI tool that is appropriate for your business users, you may be focused on ease-of-use and on Citizen Data Scientist and data democratization and data literacy initiatives but, don’t forget your analysts, data scientists and IT team members!



Your professional analysts and IT team members can certainly use the solution you choose for your business users and, while their focus may be more strategic and the outcome may require 100% accuracy, there is no reason to believe that your team cannot share the use of a Self-Serve Business Intelligence tool.

When you focus on requirements for business intelligence, look for a solution that allows for R integration and works well with the other tools your data scientists and IT team are used to leveraging. If your Business Intelligence Solution integrates seamlessly with R, the popular open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing, your analysts can integrate any R script with input and output configuration both to and from R script. Users will have access to a full suite of self-serve visualization and analytical tools to present and share results from R script in a report, on a dashboard, with interactive graphs, and in ad hoc reporting, cross-tab reports and key performance indicators (KPIs).

As for power users, even if they are not Data Scientists, they might still want to leverage R scripting and they can do so without extensive training or knowledge. In a matter of minutes, a user can leverage forecasting, classification, clustering or any other statistical and predictive algorithms from R Script using self-serve visualization and reporting tools embedded in the business intelligence solution.

If that sounds good to you, take a look at this: Business Intelligence with R Integration.

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