Simplify Your Life By Choosing the Right BI Tool

The fact is that a business intelligence solution rollout should not take 1-2 years though it often takes that long and then some. When considering business intelligence reporting software it is crucial for every enterprise to thoroughly explore its options and choose the right solution provider in order to get a solution that is affordable and practical and one that will rapidly achieve ROI and user adoption and ensure low TCO. But, there is another, equally important factor related to the complexity of the organization and its data structure and the data itself. Whether your business is small or large, your data may be spread across multiple locations and it may include complicated algorithms, financials, forecasts or other analytical data. True BI analytics must allow your organization – and its users – to access, compile, and easily analyze data in a manner that is meaningful to each user no matter their role or function. If your business is to succeed and ensure a competitive advantage, you must think big and act small! Be nimble. Provide access to critical business intelligence software to empower every employee and hold each team member accountable.


Users are more sophisticated these days and their expectation is that a system will suit their purposes and allow them to use current processes and integrate disparate data sources so that they can see the complete picture of how the business is running and make course corrections. With the right research and the right partner, business intelligence can be implemented and leveraged within months, rather than years, thereby ensuring that the business can be more competitive and successful.

Your business is unique – even if it is in the same industry, vertical or market as a competitor or a partner, your processes, resource management, financials, locations, products and services are unique to your company, its structure and its management team and business preferences. As the business grows, it will become more difficult to be as nimble as you were in your start-up days and to effectively manage your expenses, revenue and resources. To think big and act small, you need dashboard software and mobile BI that is accessible to every user. Business Intelligence Software must be easily personalized to user needs and provide a solution that allow users to share data and collaborate with others and to create, monitor and manage alerts and information to capitalize on opportunities and address issues quickly before they become a problem.

Your requirements planning and implementation strategy just clearly define the needs of the organization and its users and allow your enterprise to remain nimble, and work with concise, clear data, and it must be flexible enough to plan for future growth so you can protect your investment in the software and accommodate anticipated and unanticipated requirements.

There are additional benefits to this kind of business intelligence implementation strategy. By choosing a flexible, mobile BI solution that is accessible to every user you can achieve ROI more quickly and decrease TCO. You can also ensure user adoption and cascade goals to every employee so that they can effectively contribute to the bottom line. Businesses that think big and act small find it easier to compete and increase revenue and growth. In short, if you choose the right BI tool, you will ensure a brighter future for your business.