Self-Serve Business Intelligence and Data Literacy!

Get Business Intelligence Tools and a Business Intelligence Consultant!

If a business is trying to implement self-serve business intelligence tools, it must look at its organization, processes and culture to determine whether it is prepared to roll-out data democratization and provide direct access to business intelligence tools. Changes in the environment and the expectations can help to empower business users and hold them accountable and to encourage data popularity and data sharing to work toward transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.



Business intelligence consulting services can be of great value in establishing the foundation for this type of environment and moving forward toward Advanced Analytics and a cutting-edge culture of true data literacy. An enterprise can engage these business intelligence services from a Business Intelligence Company with a comprehensive understanding of the domain, the market the detailed features and functionality of a competitive, mobile, affordable business intelligence solution.

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Original Post: Self-Serve Business Intelligence and Data Literacy!