BI for Project Management Provides Clarity and Results

Analytics for Project Management: Metrics, Clarity and Results!

Every organization manages projects – some are big and some are small and some are the lifeblood of the enterprise. Even with an enterprise project management solution, consulting companies, internal project management teams and other businesses that provide project management services often fail to meet objectives. Your organization needs analytics for project management in order to establish goals and track milestones and project results, or the enterprise cannot learn from its mistakes, forecast resources, predict revenue or improve its competitive position in the market.



Business Intelligence for Project Management enables the project team and project manager to manage milestones and project timelines at the individual project level and across projects so that resource allocation, equipment, reporting and other project factors are optimized. Aggregation of project information enables the team to manage multiple projects for one client or many clients and to drill down to information for an activity, task or individual team member. Project managers can share information, slice and dice, drill down with KPI for Project Management templates to determine the cause of a problem, establish strategy, and evaluate tactical and operational results at a summary level and at a detailed level for an individual task or contributor.

BI for Project Management should provide a flexible, browser-based tool that is accessible from within the enterprise and on the road. Implementation must be fast and simple and training requirements should be minimal – even for the average business user! The right dashboards for project management should be easy to personalize and flexible to view integrated data with an intuitive flexible display that can be personalized to every business user to create a unified view of performance and results.

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