Advanced Data Discovery Is Easier and More Popular Than Ever

Self-Serve Advanced Analytics is Moving and Growing and Changing!

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a well-known report and tool both for vendors and for prospective customers. The Gartner Business Intelligence Magic Quadrant offers in-depth analysis of the current market and predictions of where the market is going. There is no doubt that the Business Intelligence market has moved toward Advanced Data Discovery tools and self-serve tools like Self-Serve Data Preparation, and Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis.



The key to serving this ever-expanding market is to provide tools that are suitable for every business user so that every organization can encourage and sustain and environment where business users can become Citizen Data Scientists. There are important innovations taking place in the self-serve business intelligence market and the evolution of this market is very encouraging and, as business users and organizations embrace these tools, the scope of user creativity has expanded data popularity and resulted in the expansion of social BI.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics reflects the changing market and the continuation business user empowerment with Self-Serve Deep Dive Analytics. A user-centric, self-serve approach to business intelligence must also be designed to expand the boundaries of self-serve analytics while ensuring appropriate data governance and security.

To better understand the profound changes in this market and the potential for your organization and business users, it is important to work with an expert team that can help you to achieve your goals and plan for future growth. If you want to dive in and take advantage of the benefits of self-serve solutions, explore the Smarten approach with Data Visualization Tools for Augmented Data Discovery and clear, insightful data visualization.

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