Are All BI Tools and Solution Suitable for Business Users?

All Business Intelligence Solutions are Not Alike!

There is a lot to business intelligence and it is easy to get lost in the details but, if you want to promote a self-serve BI environment for your users, you will want to have a good understanding of your product options. Look for a solution that offers key performance indicator analytics, with an easy-to-personalize KPI dashboard. Look for business intelligence reporting tools that allow for drill down, drill through, and produce attractive, clear, concise reports that can be easily shared and that are accessible on mobile devices with diverse sizes and screen resolution.



All BI tools and solutions are not created equal, and they certainly don’t provide the ease-of-use that business users need. A tool that is only accessible to, or easily understood by IT or data scientists does not give you the organizational coverage you need, nor does it promote productivity, data sharing, accountability or empowerment among business users.

Strive to create Citizen Data Scientists by selecting a Business Intelligence Solution that provides powerful, sophisticated functionality in a simple user environment so you can encourage user adoption and improve ROI and TCO.

If your users need this kind of self-guided, self-serve business intelligence and you want to improve your planning, forecasting and decision-making, look no further. Business Intelligence in Action.

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