Analytics for Tally: BI Tools to the Tally Environment

Tally and Business Intelligence go Hand in Hand!

Tally® users are devoted and have come to depend on the Tally tool for enterprise, accounting and financial reporting and data management. So, when an organization contemplates the use of a business intelligence solution, it is crucial to integrate the data and the flexibility of user tools to provide seamless support and business intelligence for Tally and its user base.



Every enterprise needs to have flexible, easy-to-use technology. When your organization provides KPI for Tally to manage key performance indicators within the Tally and business intelligence environment; when business intelligence tools also act as a reporting tool for Tally, your business users are bound to adopt and leverage business intelligence and enjoy the value of Tally data in an integrated environment with easy-to-use business intelligence features ad functional.

If you can give your users a Complete Business Intelligence Solution for Tally® with pre-built, ready-to-use Tally Dashboards, you remove the obstacles and frustration inherent in complex, cumbersome business intelligence solutions and the silo environments created by standalone software solutions.

The right business intelligence software provides out-of-the-box critical monitoring of business parameters and performance indicators and is ready made to easily design any report, any dashboard or KPI as per your business needs. Self-serve BI allows users to create Tally dashboards, reports and KPIs on their own, without need of any programmers or third party consultants.

If your users love their Tally tools and you want to better leverage Tally and easily analyze and report on data within the Tally environment, contact us now and let us help you to quickly and seamlessly integrate your Business Intelligence Tools with Tally.