Is BI for Tally a Reality?

Can I Find Analytics for Tally?

Is There Business Intelligence for Tally?

There are lots of Tally users out there, and users are familiar with the solution and find it very valuable. It is great to leverage the power of ad-hoc data mining and visualization and your users are probably dependent on this solution. But, if your organization is like every other business, your reporting and data analytical needs are never-ending, and data-driven, fact-driven analysis and decision-making is an imperative.


Business Intelligence for Tally: Ready Made to Succeed

Analytics for Tally: BI Tools to the Tally Environment

Tally and Business Intelligence go Hand in Hand!

Tally® users are devoted and have come to depend on the Tally tool for enterprise, accounting and financial reporting and data management. So, when an organization contemplates the use of a business intelligence solution, it is crucial to integrate the data and the flexibility of user tools to provide seamless support and business intelligence for Tally and its user base.