Can I Find Analytics for Tally?

Is There Business Intelligence for Tally?

There are lots of Tally users out there, and users are familiar with the solution and find it very valuable. It is great to leverage the power of ad-hoc data mining and visualization and your users are probably dependent on this solution. But, if your organization is like every other business, your reporting and data analytical needs are never-ending, and data-driven, fact-driven analysis and decision-making is an imperative.



Senior managers need to monitor summary results and key performance indicators, and sales managers need information on weekly sales, targets, and receivables. Tally reporting is valuable but wouldn’t it be great to go beyond monitoring and use flexible, personalized tools to gather business intelligence? Wouldn’t it be great to have Tally business intelligence?

With the right Business Intelligence for Tally solution, you can leverage Tally and use pre-built, ready dashboards, with KPI and reporting capability to monitor and manage business parameters and identify the root cause of problems, capitalize on business opportunities and plan and forecast.

Dashboards for Tally are built for a self-serve BI environment so business users can create dashboards, reports and KPIs on their own, without the need for assistance from programmers or analysts. You can explore visual data mining and deep dive into data drill down, drill through, slice and dice your data in tabular and graphs format, and access your data anywhere, anytime on your desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. So, you can implement performance driven culture in your organization and be ready for the next stage.

The ideal situation for your business users, managers and IT staff is to leverage the Tally solution you know and love, and build a foundation of business intelligence that is easily integrated for reporting, data sharing and analysis without extensive training, implementation schedules or extreme cost!

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