Big Data Development and Cloud Solutions and Services

How Can My Business Tackle Big Data and Cloud Solutions?

Twenty years ago, terms like Big Data Solutions and Cloud Migration were alien terms. But, today, every enterprise is knee deep in Big Data and Cloud Development and, if they are not, they are way behind the times and at risk of losing their competitive edge.



But, even those businesses who are addressing the need for Cloud Solutions and Big Data Implementations often struggle to incorporate the concepts into the enterprise with meaningful results. Big Data and the Cloud are here to stay and each requires an expert knowledge and skill set to succeed in your organization and to become part of the fabric of your technology approach and foundation.

  • How Do I Incorporate Big Data Development Into My Business? To incorporate Big Data into the enterprise, you need cost-effective, practical data management methodologies, and an integrated approach to data preparation and analytical features – one that is accessible and easy for business users to adopt and embrace.
  • How Can I Leverage the Potential of Cloud Solutions and Services in My Business? To leverage the potential of the Cloud, your business will need skilled services and an experienced team to build an environment that will support on-demand access to networks, data storage, servers, and all types of applications and services.

With the right team, your business can build an environment that ensures data integration, availability, access and security so that business users can find, analyze and use data as easily as turning on a light switch in their office or home.

Look for a partner with extensive experience in both Big Data and Cloud Integration and projects one with a mastery of numerous tools and frameworks and cutting-edge platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop and Big Query, and cross-platform execution. The right partner will have a full suite of skills and services including technical feasibility and selection, proof of concept, data migration, data integration, data sizing, aggregation, updates and retention, data analytics and predictive analytics.

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