Predictive Analytics and Big Data Management Are Achievable!

Predictive Analytics, Spark and R Programming: What a Combination!

You may think your business is unique (and it is) but in lots of ways, it is just like mine. Here’s what I mean. Every enterprise, including yours, desperately needs dependable, accurate data to support decisions and planning processes. So, in that way, all businesses are the same. Whether data analysis requirements are ongoing or specialized to support a focused initiative, the challenges of advanced data analytics and data science efforts can be daunting.



Invariably, data is spread across the entire organization, with some data generated by external publicly accessible sources. And, let’s not forget government and third-party data, like macro-economic data, and market intelligence. So, when it is time to consider the value of Predictive Analytics and Big Data Solutions, your business is probably stymied by the seemingly overwhelming number of data sources it will have to incorporate in order to use all of this data for predictive analytics.

If your business needs to gather, produce and analyze information from disparate data sources you will need the support of a team that is skilled in R programming, and Spark, as well as MLib, Java, ETL, and Data Warehousing.

With the right support, your business and lay the foundation to address rapidly changing business environments, provide smarter, more targeted competitive approach, ensure smarter use of technologies within the business ecosystem, assure availability and appropriate access of data including big data, understand customers, employees, supplier behavior and market trends and…well, you get the idea. You can do it ALL!

The right partner can provide crucial skills in R programming, and in Spark. With expert skills, you can create the foundation for meaningful predictive analytics and forecasting and analyze data from all types of data sources to discover important facts about customer churn, customer acquisition, cross-sales opportunities, business locations, customer demographics, loyalty programs, product pricing, and issues and opportunities across the enterprise.

Predictive and Data Science Services can be combined with ETL and DWH Services to achieve enterprise goals, no matter how complex or detailed.

If you want to achieve enterprise clarity, transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists, and provide easy-to-use data for senior executives, IT staff and business users across the organization, start here: Predictive Analytics Services