You Need BI for Social Media and Internet Marketing

Use BI for Social Media and Internet Marketing to Understand and Measure Results!

Nearly every organization is using social media to promote its products and services and to establish and sustain relationships with prospects and customers. But, how do you know whether your social media outreach and your internet marketing campaigns are working?



Senior management teams and shareholders do not take kindly to guess work or to subjective opinions about business success or applied techniques. If you want objective metrics and tools to help you solve problems, address challenges and capitalize on opportunities, you will want to employ KPT for social media, and implement and leverage a reporting tool for internet marketing. BI for Social Media and Internet Marketing provides valuable analytics that will help you and your team to understand the impact of your social media and internet marketing campaigns and to employ deep dive analytics to drill down and through data and find the root cause of problems.

In order to understand the success of social media marketing, and the trends and patterns in customer buying behavior, a business can use a business intelligence solution to interpret the activity feeds from various social media networks and analytics engines, and analyze visits, clicks, conversions, likes, shares, tags, timing and, also the underlying demographics and geographies of the participants. This analysis will help the business to understand the popularity of a topic or product, and the demographics and geographies of the potential audience, and to track various activities and campaigns to goal conversions.

Most of this data is structured, and can be analyzed by exporting or integrating social media and analytics engines using BI tools, and performing various analytical operations and visualizations with slice and dice, drill down, drill through, filtering and other analytical operations. The content generated and written by users on various social media platforms is not structured, and to access and analyze this data, a business must apply semantic analytics to derive quantifiable data from these unstructured data and make confident decisions. To achieve a true picture of the business and its customers the enterprise must combine structured and non-structured data to derive overall snapshots, direction, trends and performance of social media and internet marketing campaigns.

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