Design it Right, Design it Once: Great Mobile BI Tools

Mobile BI That is Designed for Every Device, Every user, Every Environment!

Design is important! Design skills are used in many industries; everything from appliances and cars to clothing and software interface design. The overall design, the layout, the detail…it is all important. People want to use products that work in many environments. Think about it! It wouldn’t make sense to design a car that was suitable only for people with short legs!



Yet, when it comes to business intelligence solutions, technology vendors sometimes make that mistake. A BI tool might work well on a desktop or a tablet but the interface might not be suitable for a mobile environment or for all the various sizes of smart phone screens, dimensions and resolutions. In today’s crazy, mobile business world, your business can’t afford to use a solution that isn’t accessible to all users on every device.

You need an out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t dictate the device, the screen size or the setting in which you access your critical business intelligence data. You need a solution that is based on a ‘Design Once, Use Anywhere’ approach, so it is responsive, and provides an intelligent adaptive UI to-use on any device, any screen size, at any time and in any place with seamless performance.

You want a high-performance Mobile BI Tool that will work on any size or type of device to provide access to data in an interactive, personalized view and enable data sharing, identification of trends and patterns and user empowerment and accountability.

If this sounds good to you, let me point you in the right direction. Design Once, Use Anywhere