Augmented Data Discovery Supports Every User

Wondering if Augmented Data Discovery is for You? Wonder No More!

If you have heard of Augmented Data Discovery (aka Smart Data Discovery), but you don’t quite understand what it is and its value to average business, then we really need to talk!



Augmented Data Discovery allows your business to go beyond data monitoring and helps users discover the more subtle yet crucial factors that affect business success. It identifies hidden issues and patterns within the data so the organization can address challenges, capitalize on competitive and market advantages and plan for the future with more confidence. A well-conceived augmented data discovery solution includes tools and features that are simple enough for business users and allow users with average skills to perform augmented data preparation, drawing data from various repositories to test theories and hypotheses without the assistance of IT or analysts to prepare the data.

Augmented Data Discovery also includes augmented analytical tools that provide data insight. With an advanced augmented data discovery solution, the organization can share, manipulate and present data with clear results and access to sophisticated tools. These tools ensure that the organization makes decisions based on fact rather than opinion and that users get real insight and can act on data quickly and accurately.

With Augmented Data Discovery, the organization can notate and highlight data, share data with other users and most importantly, the enterprise can identify critical ‘ah hah’ data points and information hidden within the data to accurately plan, forecast and solve problems.

Augmented Data Discovery (Advanced Data Discovery) enables gathering, preparation, integration and analysis of data and allows users to address strategic, operational and tactical activities. These easy-to-use tools and solutions provide important support, suggesting relationships, identifying patterns, suggesting visualization techniques and formats, highlighting trends and patterns and helping users and organizations to forecast and predict results.

With augmented data discovery, the enterprise has a simple way to manage data overload and overwhelming workload, and to provide important information and answers to every team member with sophisticated tools in an easy-to-use, drag and drop interface, which requires no advanced skill or knowledge of statistical analysis, algorithms or techniques.

When you understand the value proposition inherent in these tools and the way this type of solution supports business users with sophisticated, easy-to-use tools, it becomes clear just how important this type of analytical tool is to your business. If you want to take advantage of augmented data discovery tools, you can start here: Augmented Data Discovery Tools