Augmented Data Preparation is in Your Future!

Self-Serve Data Preparation is Easy as Pie!

Data preparation tools come in many shapes and sizes and not all are equal. If your business is interested in implementing a self-serve environment where its business users can become a greater asset to the organization, and use data preparation for analytics, you definitely need to consider ease-of-use for your users and flexibility, sophisticated functionality and mobile accessibility for the good of the organization.



When you adopt the right self-serve BI tools, your users can enjoy elegant Self-Serve Data Preparation and ETL for business users. ETL (AKA extraction, transformation and loading) solutions assist the average user and make the process of gathering, compiling, sorting and managing data a much easier task. These self-serve tools allow your business users to engage in ETL without the assistance of IT staff or a data analyst, so that they can see, use and share data more quickly and easily, and understand what that data is illustrating and what decision is best for the organization.

Augmented Data Preparation provides access to crucial data and allows you to connect to various data sources – personal, external, cloud, and IT provisioned You can mash-up and integrate data from disparate data sources and view it in a uniform, interactive display. Your users have access to clear data and your organization can balance agility with data governance to ensure that data security and data access are appropriate and well managed.

Take the Smarten Approach to Self-Serve Data Prep and see how easy data preparation software can be.

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