This Client is headquartered in Germany and is a leading supplier of integrated solutions and branded products in the field of cable and connection technology in India. The Client has established business operations around the world with more than 4500 employees, 25 production sites and a presence in 152 countries.


The Elegant MicroWeb team collaborated with the Client team to complete development of a web portal environment and a mobile application for iOS and Android and to provide support for roll-out for the Sales Approval and Workflow Application and deliver the solution to users based on requirements. The new solution created a seamless environment with automated process and workflow for sales order approvals etc. This solution reduces the time required to process and complete the sales cycle and ensures that the customer interest is preserved, while improving productivity and assuring an accurate process that is easy to understand, monitor, manage and approve. The Client plans to leverage this solution for the India-based facility and assess the potential to deploy the solution to other locations around the world.