In the natural order of things, the tech world we are experiencing today has seen that WordPress has several million downloads more compared to Joomla, but Joomla still exists, it exists in the same space as WordPress does and is doing relatively well.Why would that happen?In the era of iPhone’s, HTC & BlackBerry devices almost became irrelevant.Is it is a fair comparison for WordPress to be compared with the likes of iPhone?

May be, perhaps not an accurate comparison… okay by now, it should be about Joomla.


Let’s talk about pricing matters.

What is the best value you would be willing to spend on customizing project based on WordPress in comparison to Joomla?

May be US $10k? Or higher, that is the utmost you will be willing to spend? Well, guess what, Joomla projects can fetch business in costs upwards of $100k+ and they are extensively being used by both government and privately held enterprises.

Joomla works on similar technology i.e. PHP as its counterpart WordPress does; still is considered upgraded version or the enterprise version in comparison to WordPress.

The file structures, modules and support rendered are most easily suited for an organization environment than that of a single person usage or a small team usage.

Features and capabilities apart, it can deliver everything that WordPress can and that includes:

  • Customization friendliness
  • Awesome CMS functions
  • Massive Community Support
  • Endless list of plugin’s and other technology components
  • Ability to be just more than a website
  • Powerful marketing supportive features
  • Business process integrations
  • Role Based Access Controls
  • Multiple Node Content Publishing
  • Closely integrated module assets that are not found in WordPress or any other system

The reasons for Joomla to remain relevant are pretty simple:

  1. It delivers complex management features in a very simple way
  2. It is free
  3. It does support modern technology and cross platform needs
  4. Is always ready to take on more organized structures
  5. Is not difficult for end users to master is usage

Whenever a scenario arises where in a publishing house or enterprise looking to run their own in-house knowledge management units, the business case prompts usage of Joomla in a very organic manner.

This is and several such reasons has made Joomla a very desired, stable and robust framework to work on.

Joomla makes your business run and deliver support structures better than WordPress can on any given day.

Not discounting the fact that WordPress has similar capabilities made available via various plugins, it is still not as organically functional as Joomla.

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Original Source – How does one compare Joomla against WordPress?