If you are working in business today, you have probably heard of WordPress. What you might not know is that WordPress has grown in popularity for small to large businesses in pretty much every vertical industry.

If you are looking for a great way to present and organize content, if you want to launch or upgrade a content management system (CMS), WordPress is an attractive option. BUT, before you rush into the design and development process, let me tell you a story.


I used to work with this guy named Donald, and he moved on to another company. Donald decided to make a big splash at his new company by suggesting and implementing WordPress. That was NOT his mistake. His mistake was in ignoring the fact that the business needed social media and marketing integration, and a platform that was easy for numerous users to contribute and update content. The site had to look great, have great user access security and present data and information in a professional, easy-to-navigate environment. THAT’S where Donald went wrong! He didn’t hire an expert to design, develop, integrate and implement WordPress. Instead, he tried to do it himself.

Don’t be like Donald. If you are considering WordPress for your business, you need to see beyond the ease and openness of the WordPress environment. Understand that your business has unique requirements, users, customers and technical environs, and while an expert WordPress developer might seem expensive, it is FAR MORE expensive to regroup and redesign.

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