At a conference last week, I ran into Rick, an old colleague from a previous employer. Rick told me about a problem he had with a drop-off in conversion on a business website. His company hired a consultant to upgrade their product sales website and create a mobile app so customers could browse and purchase products on smart phones. After the launch, the enterprise noticed a decline in sales on the site, and poor results in user adoption of the sales app.


Traffic was consistent, but the number of abandoned sales skyrocketed. Rick pulled out his cell phone and showed me the new app. Two words come to mind: USER EXPERIENCE. Poor Ux design is an issue many organizations face. Whether you are designing a website, a game, or a mobile application, you must understand technologies, tools and user interface standards and techniques and employ experienced design, development, configuration, integration, testing and deployment resources.

A business might not pay much attention to the user experience (Ux) but, Ux can have positive OR negative impact on results. When a customer is faced with a cumbersome, unintuitive interface, they become frustrated and abandon the task, and they aren’t likely to come back! I’ll tell you what I told Rick. If you want a sticky site, if you want happy customers, you must understand how to design a solution that will engage and hold a customer (or business user) and make them want to adopt and use the site or app. Make it easy on yourself. Get an expert user experience designers and leave the design to them.