Perhaps you are still trying to convince your executive team to employ user experience design services to accommodate user expectations for your enterprise applications. Is your organization debating the need to provide intuitive easy displays on all types of devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and the various screen sizes of smart phones? If that debate is still in the works in your organization, you are not alone!While mobile application development, responsive web design and user interface redesign debates rage on, your business is losing customers and sales conversions and your customer satisfaction is going down the tubes! Think of your user experience in the same way you think of customer service in a brick and mortar store.


How many sales would you make if your sales staff were in the back room talking on their cell phone when customers came through the front door? How often would you make a sale if your customers had to dig through boxes to find the shirt they wanted in the color and size they need? You are probably laughing at these questions but you shouldn’t be. A UI developer is just as important to your online sales and user experience as a great sales person and sales environment is to a brick and mortar store.If your application or site is not designed to display on a customer or prospect device…if your consumers cannot find what they need quickly and without navigational problems, your sales will fall. If the application or site is an internal site, used by your employees, user adoption will fail and your users will find another (less productive) way to get the information they need. In short, Ux redesign is crucial for business success.Here’s another important factor to consider when you are trying to convince your management team to employ the services of a user experience developer – and this is a factor you definitely need to include in your pitch! Your competitors are embracing Ux redesign and adaptive and responsive web design in growing numbers. So, if you don’t jump on the bandwagon, your customers will click elsewhere!

Perhaps you have noticed that consumers are willing to pay a lot of money for applications that are easy to use. If you haven’t taken note of that particular market development…consider Apple! How often do they release new operating systems and applications to the market? You would think they would have saturated their market niche by now, and yet their customers stand in line for the next device or updated version of the IOS.

Keep your focus on your users (whether they are business users or consumers) and design a great Ux that will keep them coming back for more. Focus on the user experience and design and technology choices will follow. All the marketing in the world can’t replace a great user experience! Involve the users in the process and listen to what they want and what they have come to expect from other apps and websites.

Here is the bottom line: The user experience matters more than almost anything else you do to your application or site. Customers won’t buy your products or services because you use the latest, cutting-edge technology. Business users won’t marvel at the elegant code you wrote. The way to a customer’s heart is through the user interface!