What if you paid for a self-serve buffet but you were only allowed to eat the items someone else picked for you, or you could only go to certain self-serve stations, while others were off limits? You wouldn’t be happy! Especially if you had to pay full price for the experience!


So, what about the world of ‘self-serve’ business intelligence? Self-Serve BI tools are supposed to let business users prepare data on their own without the assistance of IT staff. But, that isn’t always the case.

Self-Serve Data Preparation is a crucial component of self-serve BI. It allows users to perform data preparation and test theories and hypotheses by prototyping on their own. It doesn’t restrict users to complex tools or force them to wait for programmers or data scientists. They can access and use sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to compile, prepare and use data, test hypotheses, perform visualization and create and share reports, and create custom alerts and other information.

What if your business users could:

  • Connect to various data sources – personal, external, cloud, IT provisioned
  • Display and analyze data from multiple data sources in a single, uniform, interactive view
  • Leverage Smart Suggestions with auto-suggested relationships, JOINs, type casts, hierarchies, etc.
  • Use integrated statistical algorithms like binning, clustering, and regression for noise reduction, and trend and pattern identification.
  • Promote data and reports to IT provisioned/approved data sources, and identify IT provisioned approved data sources with clear watermarks to ensure balance between agility, governance and data quality.

Now THAT would be a real data buffet, wouldn’t it? You (and your users) can have all that and more. Self-Serve Data Buffet, with Self-Serve BI tools and Advanced Data Discovery.

Original Source – Welcome to the Data Buffet! Self-Serve BI Tools to Satisfy Every Appetite