Self-Serve Data Prep and Data Democracy: Good for All!

I vote for Data Democracy. Why? Because data belongs to everyone in your organization and if you can find a way to provide data democratization, and provide your business users with mobile BI tools, self-serve business intelligence, social BI tools and self-service data prep, your organization WILL reap the benefits.


Data democracy is not an entirely altruistic idea! It helps the enterprise and the business user. If you can give meaningful BI tools and self-serve BI to your users, you can empower them and hold them accountable. You can plan better and more effectively meet your objectives and goals. You can spot trends and patterns and make more timely decisions. You can ensure that your executive team, managers and business users are all on the same page AND you can help your team members understand how their efforts contribute to the bottom line and when and how they need to change course, capitalize on opportunities or address challenges to become a better asset to the organization.

As a component of data democratization, social BI can also help your organization by allowing users to share data and reports and allowing the enterprise to identify power users and capitalize on data popularity by understanding how data is used and viewed among users and what data is most useful to the team and to the enterprise.

So, now you know how and why data democratization and self-serve BI tools can help your organization and your users. If you need help getting there, contact the experts. Self-Serve Data Prep and Data Democracy

Original Post: Self-Serve Data Prep and Data Democracy: Good for All!