Self-Serve Data Visualization Guides Business Users to the Best View

Smart Data Visualization Takes the Guesswork Out of Analytics!

Smart data visualization tools should include augmented data discovery with features that guide and show business users how to get the most out of data and how to display that data in a way that will make decision-making and analysis as easy as drag and drop. Data visualization does not have to be complicated, nor does it require software or features that take months to learn and master.



Smart Data Visualization suggests the best options for visualizing and plotting for a particular set or type of data, based on the nature, dimensions and trend of data.

Smart Data Visualization Tools allow users to gather various data components and tell a story that will clarify a problem, identify an opportunity or help to make a decision. In order to build and tell that story, the business user must be able to interact with their analytics software and build the story through guided visualization and recommended data presentation to best illustrate the underlying data and issues. Business users can quickly and efficiently produce the best possible visualization of underlying data, based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.

In the past, reporting and data visualization was a static process with graphs and charts and little if any options. These methods and tools certainly did not offer suggestions or recommendations on how best to view and analyze the data based on data types or other parameters.

If you want your business users to participate in data analysis and make the right decisions about their team, their division, their role and their responsibilities, you have to give them better tools to analyze and understand data and choose the right method to display and report data. Self-Serve Data Visualization Software incorporates cutting-edge technology on the backend, and an understanding of the user experience on the front end, so users get a helping hand with suggestions and recommendations on how to view certain types of data and can personalize data displays to create meaningful views and collaboration.

Smart Data Visualization can give your organization an advantage by identifying critical data points, patterns and trends that will allow you to strategize and operate in an optimal environment.

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