My friend Cynthia cannot wrap her head around technology infrastructure. She knows that IT infrastructure is the foundation of all organizations. How does she know? Because the IT department tells her so! Beyond that, she doesn’t have a clue. Her IT staff and IT consultants told her that without an effective infrastructure her team can’t develop or exchange information, nor can it protect its competitive and proprietary data or build knowledge repositories to grow revenue and succeed in its market of choice.

Cynthia was scared out of her wits by these predictions of doom! She wanted to do something constructive about that old, creaky IT infrastructure. She hired a team of IT consultants with the skills and knowledge to remotely maintain and support her infrastructure.


You’ll be happy to know that Cynthia’s infrastructure is now in the pink! With someone else to manage the IT infrastructure she can do business dependably across time zones and technical barriers with full confidence in the accessibility and security of the technology. Her infrastructure runs like a Swiss watch!

The moral of the story is that you don’t need to understand and execute the necessary changes to get your infrastructure into the current century or to make it more dependable and reduce downtime and increase accessibility.

  1.  Server Management, Administration, Monitoring and Maintenance
  2.  Database Manage, Administration and Performance Management, Tuning and Optimization
  3.  Email and User Management and Mailbox Administration
  4. Network Management, Administration, Diagnostics and Component Services
  5.  Security Management, Integrity Monitoring, Reporting, Intrusion Detection, Disaster Recovery Planning and Event Management

To find a great Remote IT Infrastructure management partner, email with requirements at Take a tip from Cynthia’s friend!