I am demanding! I like smart people! When it comes to finding a technology partner to help me with IT tasks and provide a few extra hands to do the heavy lifting – well there is just no substitute for smarts! As long as I am making a list of characteristics, I would also add functional and domain expertise and business and market value. I want the right solution and excellent results at an affordable cost. I want a partner with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, well-tested business processes, systems and models. I also want a team that will go the extra mile to deliver timely results while maintaining superlative quality. My partner has to have a customer centric approach and work toward a sustained relationship and mutually synergistic growth. After all, my project, time and money are really important to me. I need to know that my partner feels the same way.


As long as I am making a wish list, let’s throw in unparalleled skills in software development, web site design, software programming, open source technology and platforms, CMS and portals, PHP, offshore development, mobile application development, tablets and smart phones, Java, eCommerce, and project management.

Alright, I’ll just admit it. I want it all. I know you think I am day dreaming but there really is a partner out there with all of those skills; one that thinks my requirements and project are the most important thing and will get the job done! If you want to talk to them too, you can contact them at www.elegantmicroweb.com, or email them at info@elegantmicroweb.com