Case Study: Software Reengineering – Real Estate Property Management Web Portal, Supporting Brokers & Customers of Large U.S. Real Estate Service Provider

Case Study: Software Reengineering - Real Estate Property Management Web Portal, Supporting Brokers & Customers of Large U.S. Real Estate Service Provider

The client is a large, multi-service real estate business in New York in the United States. For over a quarter of a century, the client has provided services for real estate brokers in New York City. The client wished to employ the services of Elegant MicroWeb to provide software re-engineering, including design, development and User Experience (Ux) design, as well as performance improvement for its existing listings exchange system, and to convert this system to a multi-tenant solution to enable the client to quickly create brokerage company accounts and listings. The system transmits real-time inventory from one firm to another and supports nearly 500 firms, with approximately 10,000 daily listings exchanges.


Software Technology Experts Offering .Net Development

How Can .Net Development and Software Technologies Help You?

Do You Know the Value of .Net Development and Software Development Expertise?

The Microsoft.Net application development framework is very flexible and enables software technology experts to accommodate Rapid Application Development (RAD). Dot Net Development supports platform independence, and network transparency, and it is based on the Microsoft strategic initiative for server and desktop development. The framework includes front-end libraries and is scalable and compliance driven, so it supports multi-level security functionality.


Top 6 Reasons for Using .Net Framework to do Product Development

Clients have asked me several questions on choosing .NET framework against Open Source alternative such as Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Based development. While we do development on both technologies, the ones who gravitate towards .NET eventually had these reasons to select .NET framework…

Q 1: When do you use .NET framework?

woman-corporateThe usual suspects about using .NET Framework And I had these to offer as a comparative.

  • NET Framework is heavily invested by one of the world’s richest organizations
  • Skill base development in .NET is deliberate, schools of training exist, but unlike in Java, the framework is pretty much the same against hoards of optional frameworks as it is with Java
  • MSDN library is well maintained and MVP’s are avialable with enough recognition to address challenging product development issues
  • Highly scalable robust and far more secure in its code base protection against the Open Source coding languages which at times need code obfuscation
  • Backward compatibility apart, has full service coverage of everything that technology has to offer towards software product development
  • Is the only framework which comes with Software Development Kits and Methodologies of Microsoft, thus enabling the eons of challenge with ‘Getting the Product Right’ at one go.
  • Built for security as in Proprietary code level security, cannot be replaced for its compilation levels except when doing programming based on C or C++
  • Is not reliant on community for updates and version upkeeps
  • Brings systemic approach towards software architecture and applies to various Enterprise Architecture Schools and Support Systems Integration, Cross Platform Development and Mobile, Cloud Computing through the Azure Cloud Platforms
  • Enough said already?!


Pinch Me! Great IT Partners DO exist!


I am demanding! I like smart people! When it comes to finding a technology partner to help me with IT tasks and provide a few extra hands to do the heavy lifting – well there is just no substitute for smarts! As long as I am making a list of characteristics, I would also add functional and domain expertise and business and market value. I want the right solution and excellent results at an affordable cost. I want a partner with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) standards, well-tested business processes, systems and models. I also want a team that will go the extra mile to deliver timely results while maintaining superlative quality. My partner has to have a customer centric approach and work toward a sustained relationship and mutually synergistic growth. After all, my project, time and money are really important to me. I need to know that my partner feels the same way.